Celebrating 2 years Dust.Bit.Games!

Announcing our new title Y2163, a PvP based real-time strategy game.

We’re teaming up with 8 fellow independent developers on the Kickstarter Indie Bundle.

A few days ago, our small company turned two years old! It has been an interesting journey so far, and it’s still as exciting as on our first days. But what keeps us going are our upcoming projects and we’re really happy to be able to announce our next game, Y2163! The game will be a player vs. player based real-time strategy game (PvP RTS) for several platforms. Set in the year 2163 you have to build your own city to develop new weapons to smite your enemies (or friends). Check out our game page (here) for more information as well as our short announcement teaser below. And stay tuned for more information within the upcoming months.

And now to our second announcement for today. We’ve teamed up with 8 fellow independent game developers from around the world to create a really interesting Kickstarter project. By supporting the Kickstarter Indie Bundle you help 9 developers to finish their games, with genres ranging from horror to visual novel, and platforms ranging from PC to mobile. Take a look at our Kickstarter page (here) or watch the trailer below. (Please note that, due it’s early development status, Y2163 has no gameplay footage yet.)

Cubyrinth is now available on the BlackBerry Playbook and Android is coming very soon.

Click here to check out Cubyrinth on the BlackBerry App World

New title is already in development. Announcement soon!

Finally, a quick update. The first thing we would like to talk about is that Cubyrinth is now available on the BlackBerry App World (click here) for the BlackBerry Playbook. This is our first game outside of the iOS AppStore and we’re really excited about it. We hope that Playbook gamers will enjoy our game.


What’s next? Well, we’ve already said that we’ll release Cubyrinth for Android, and that hasn’t changed and will happen very soon. Promise!

We’re also working on a brand new title, which is still in an early development stage, but we’re looking forward to announce it soon and post a bit more during the development!

That’s it for today.

Our a-maze-ing puzzle game, Cubyrinth, is now available on the AppStore!

Available for iPhones, iPod Touches and iPads with Game Center!

Click here to watch the release trailer!

Hey everyone! Our a-maze-ing puzzle game, Cubyrinth, is now available on the AppStore. The game comes with lots of Game Center achievements and leaderboards. We put a lot of hard work into it and we hope that you’ll like it. It’s available for the iPhone 3GS and newer, 3rd generation iPod Touches and newer, as well as all iPads!

Available on the iOS AppStore!

Not convinced yet? Take a look at our release trailer!

Today, we’re excited to announce our next game, Cubyrinth!

Cubyrinth is a 3d maze game for players that like to be challenged by puzzles!

Available on iOS December 7th and Android early 2012, for phones and tablets.

Today we’re excited to announce our next game, Cubyrinth, a puzzle game for players that like to be challenged! Cubyrinth combines cubes and mazes to create 3 dimensional puzzles where the player has to think about every turn carefully to be able to find the best solution! Every Cubyrinth is completely different, varying in size (3 / 4 / 5), color and structure. And some of them are even protected by dangerous guards!


Cubyrinth has an integrated rating system, which tells you how well you did, and gives you hours of fun till you find the quickest way! The game comes with 28 unique Cubyrinths, with more than 70 goals, and lots of unlockable upgrades for your prototype.


Cubyrinth comes out on the iOS AppStore on December 7th and for Android early 2012. It will support both phones and tablets with native resolution and high quality graphics. Take a look at our game info page for more informations and screenshots (video coming soon).

Today we introduce you to our new layout and the structure of our page, as well as new social features!

Find out about our company, our motives and our games!

Share posts on social networks and comment on our blog using Facebook comments.

Hi everyone and welcome to our new website! In preparation to the release of our new game, which we’ll announce within a couple days, we’ve revamped the whole layout! The new layout focuses more on important informations that we want to deliver to you and we’ve also added new social features.

We’ve separated the page into four categories:

  • About Us
  • We have extended our previous short introduction with a history timeline and a section where we give you a quick introduction to our project members.

  • Our Games
  • This section now includes more information about our games without the need to leave our website!

  • Introduction to our online workflow
  • We hope that this section will describe how we work on our projects a little bit more than the old version. Our online workflow and the profit share contract is the core concept of Dust.Bit.Games and we think that this concept deserves its own chapter!

  • Blog
  • To stay in touch with us and get the latest news!

We think that those 4 topics fit our needs very well and extend the informations we’d like to share with you. In addition, there’s also a new easy to use share feature for every social network you want to share our posts with. We’ve also switched to Facebook comments on our blog.

We hope that you like the new layout and stay in touch with us.