2 years DBG + Y2163 + KSIB

A few days ago, our small company turned two years old! It has been an interesting journey so far, and it’s still as exciting as on our first days. But what keeps us going are our upcoming projects and we’re really happy to be able to announce our next game, Y2163! The game will be a player vs. player based real-time strategy game (PvP RTS) for several platforms. Set in the year 2163 you have to build your own city to develop new weapons to smite your enemies (or friends). Check out our game page (here) for more information as well as our short announcement teaser below. And stay tuned for more information within the upcoming months.

And now to our second announcement for today. We’ve teamed up with 8 fellow independent game developers from around the world to create a really interesting Kickstarter project. By supporting the Kickstarter Indie Bundle you help 9 developers to finish their games, with genres ranging from horror to visual novel, and platforms ranging from PC to mobile. Take a look at our Kickstarter page (here) or watch the trailer below. (Please note that, due it’s early development status, Y2163 has no gameplay footage yet.)

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