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Dust.Bit.Games was founded with the motive to create a platform for game developers to use their creative potential within organized commercial projects. To make this happen, the company connects individual developers and projects together and provides the team management and know-how to make use of an entire online workflow. This workflow allows people all around the world to work on the same project, maintains documentation and communication and integrates necessary tools more deeply into the development process.

This means we aren’t comparable to a traditional game developer with many employees, working 8+ hours per day on prescribed projects. Instead we can provide more freedom within our projects, from time management to different projects and many other advantages. We also started the company with a crazy idea that the income of our projects belongs to the creators of the game. That’s why every developer works on our projects with a granted profit participation based on their contributed work.

While our first projects focus on the mobile gaming market, our goal is to become an established developer for a wide range of platforms. Only time can tell where we’re heading next.

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July 1st, 2010 – Start Up!

This day marks the official beginning of our project / company, Dust.Bit.Games. Even tough we started months earlier with planing, financing and our first project (aYa-Manku), this day will always be a special day which reminds us about our motives and goals when we started out. To us, it’s an important feast, but without the cake (maybe someday!).

August 16th, 2010 – Release: aYa-Manku

On this day we released our first project, aYa-Manku, on the iOS AppStore. It’s always something special for a developer finally seeing his hard work available to the public.

December 7th, 2011 – Release: Cubyrinth

Cubyrinth was an important project for the foundation of our company. It was the first project which we developed entirely through our documented online workflow and even tough we had a lot to learn at this point, we were still fortunate with the outcome and the advantages we gained.

the team
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Christoph Grossegger

Christoph is responsible for studio operations including first level project management, business development and finances. Coming from the traditional software engineering background, he is educated in several programming languages and project organization techniques. Christoph has worked on several mod teams and game projects for many different platforms before founding Dust.Bit.Games (2010).

Projects involved: aYa-Manku, Cubyrinth

Manfred Pichler

Manfred studied Game Design & Development at the Games College Vienna and Donau Universit├Ąt Krems. Early on, he specialized on 3d modeling, sculpting and texturing. At our projects, he’s responsible for a broad range of tasks from visual concepts, 2d graphics, 3d modeling to animation and audio editing. Manfred is involved with us since our early steps and officially joined with our second project, Cubyrinth.

Projects involved: Cubyrinth

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