PR: Dust.Bit.Games opens up, announces first iPhone® title

Dust.Bit.Games opens up, announces first iPhone title

JUDENBURG, Austria – July 26, 2010 – Dust.Bit.Games e.U. was founded with the motive to provide a way for remarkable new developers to use their creative potential in organized commercial projects. Leaving the traditional game studio organization behind, Dust.Bit.Games focuses on the fact that the income of our products belongs to the actual creators of the game. To make this happen, Dust.Bit.Games has been founded in a way to give developers the possibility to work on projects with a profit participation based on their contributed work.

The first title, AYA-MANKU, is a high-score puzzle game and will be submitted to the App Store℠ during the first week of august. Placed in the world of Manku-un, you play as a chief fruit collector on his mission to master all fruit mines of Manku-un. To do so, the player has to collect as much fruits as possible, from a pool of many different fruits, each with an unique effect. As a chief fruit collector, the player also has the option to unlock up to five (and later even more) different collector types, each with a special effect to collect even more fruits.

Each mine of Manku-un consists of 3 – 5 unique areas, filled with physical obstacles, fruit monsters and lots of tasty fruits. Additionally, the mines are connected with each other, so if you earn more fruits on one mine, you’ll have more collectors available on the next mine. Who will be able to master all mines and defeat the 3 ancient fruit monsters Nekta, Loktoru and Gratko?

AYA-MANKU supports OpenFeint™ to allow you to unlock over 50 achievements and compete with your friends and gamers all over the world on our online leader-boards. Furthermore, player vs. player challenges will be included in a future update.


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