PR: Dust.Bit.Games releases first title, aYa-Manku!

Dust.Bit.Games releases first title, aYa-Manku!

JUDENBURG, Austria – August 19, 2010 – We at Dust.Bit.Games are proud to announce the release of aYa-Manku, which is available worldwide on the AppStore.

aYa-Manku is a new physics based puzzle game. You play as a head collector of Manku-un, your duty: collect as much delicious fruits as possible within the challenging mines of Manku-un! Rescue other collectors to unlock their abilities, fight against fruit monsters and defeat three ancient boss enemies to become the worlds #1.

Navigate through the vertically aligned mines and master one area after each other. Find your own play style through many different collectors within lots of challenging areas. On the world-map, you can see that the mines are connected with each other.The more fruits you collect on a previous mine, the more collectors will be available on the upcoming mines. Awesome re-playability! 

aYa-Manku is OpenFeint™ Enabled with lots of achievements to unlock and leaderboards for every mine and our Hall of Shots and Hall of Fame for the best players around the world. Try to compete with your friends, people in your local area or the whole world.

Feature List

  • Addictive physic puzzle game
  • Easy intuitive touch screen & accelerometer controls
  • 17 connected mines
  • Over 70 challenging areas
  • Online leaderboards through OpenFeint
  • Lots of achievements to unlock
  • Fast App switching
  • Easy to use Facebook & Twitter automation script to stop interrupting messages



Dust.Bit.Games was founded (2010) with the motive to provide a way for remarkable new developers to use their creative potential in organized commercial projects. Dust.Bit.Games isn’t a traditional developer with employees working on several projects. Instead, the company created a flexible project-based workflow which allows different kinds of developers to work on projects with a profit participation based on their contributed work. For further information, please visit and follow on Twitter (@DustBitGames), Facebook and YouTube!


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