PR: “aYa-Manku 1 And 1 For Free”, First Mayor Content Update

aYa-Manku 1 And 1 For Free, First Mayor Content Update

JUDENBURG, Austria – In response to the received feedback, Dust.Bit.Games releases the first mayor content update, “1 and 1 For Free”, for their pachniko-style physic puzzle game, aYa-Manku. The update makes the game more accessible to casual players, adds native resolution support across all iOS devices (iPhone4 / iPod Touch, iPad), Player vs. Player challenges and brand new characters, areas and a new special collector. aYa-Manku 1.1 is available as a free update, only on the AppStore.

What’s aYa-Manku?

The pachinko-style physic puzzle game, which replaces luck with skill and tactics, is designed as a challenging experience for people who enjoy throwing balls on other objects to progress through the level and achieve the highest score. That’s why aYa-Manku takes the scores of the player and integrates it right into the game as an important element with influences on the game itself.

The game is on sale, $2.99 -> $0.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) till November 4th 2010.

About accessibility for casuals

With version 1.1, aYa-Manku, which is controlled through an easy combination of touch and rotation based controls, will improve it’s accessibility to casual gamers through an extended level flow. The goal was it to give less experienced gamers a way to enjoy the game, while maintaining the challenging highscore experience for other players. To achieve that goal, every player will now be able to throw additional collectors for a small fee of points, till the level is finished or till the player consumed all of his points.! 

Player vs. Player challenges

Players love to compare their highscores and achievements, and aYa-Manku 1.1 will extend this experience through OpenFeint PvP challenges. While leaderboards show the best results based on a specific time frame, the “One Shot” challenges of aYa-Manku will give players a more current way to compare against their friends and enemies. The developers of aYa-Manku trained very hard and will accept every challenge from other players! (OpenFeint ID: DustBitGames)

(… but we honestly doubt that anyone can beat us. Prove us wrong!)

One App, all resolutions!

aYa-Manku was designed with the iPhone / iPod Touch in mind, and version 1.1 is going to extend the game experience as an universal app, supporting both, the iPhone 4 retina display and the iPads native resolution with new high quality graphics. No separate HD version, available through a free update.

What about more content?

The content update adds a new level with three brand new and unseen areas to the game. It also introduces two new characters, the challenge master Ix and the exploration specialist Elo. Plus: a brand new collector type, playable on every level! The turquoise collector, which is unlockable within the new level, has a special reuse ability, which adds one normal collector for free to the players pool of collectors. All new features are also extended with new achievements and leaderboards, for both OpenFeint and Game Center.

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