collect fruits!

The inhabitants of Manku-un are enthusiastic fruit gatherers. Join their forces to save millions of hungry Mankunians and achieve fame and honor through your doings. Learn how to use their unique device, called the aYa, through an awesome combination of touch and rotation based controls. This pachinko-style physic game features hours of gameplay, lot’s of challenging mines, and lots of replay value. Each fruit mine requires skill, tactics and the right combination of many different collector types. Our officers Starmy, Elora, Ix and Elo would be happy to see you soon.

Features 18 linked mines with over 70+ challenging areas, up to 6 different collector types, lots of achievements & leaderboards through Game Center and OpenFeint, Player vs. Player challenges, and tons of delicious fruits!

Now available for all iOS devices with native resolution within one app!!

May the fruits be with you!




Available through the iOS AppStore. Compatible with the iPhone, the iPod Touch as well as the iPad.

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