cubes and mazes evolved!

If you like to be challenged by puzzles, then you’ll love Cubyrinth. The simple system and intuitive controls allow you to focus on the puzzle, so that you can create your own colorful ways through each Cubyrinth.

A Cubyrinth is a cubic, 3 dimensional labyrinth, build out of smaller cubes which can be rotated to create ways within these challenging puzzles. Your goal is it to guide your prototype to his targets. You can build ways from your prototype to his next goal by rotating the plates of the Cubyrinth. But be aware: There are lots of enemies out there, and they’ll do everything to stop you on the way! Each solved Cubyrinth will bring you closer to unlock many different upgrades for your fully customizable prototype!

Each Cubyrinth varies in size, structure and color, but all of them will give you an extraordinary challenge. Each Cubyrinth has 3 rating levels to give you instant feedback about how well you did on each Cubyrinth and assures you hours of fun to find the best solutions.

The game features 28 unique Cubyrinths, with more than 70 goals, split into 3 difficulty groups. It also features Game Center leaderboards, 26 unlockable achievements and HD graphics!




Available through the iOS AppStore. Compatible with the iPhone 3GS and newer, the iPod Touch 3rd Gen and newer as well as all iPads.

Available through the BlackBerry App World. Compatible with the BlackBerry Playbook.

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