PR: Dust.Bit.Games presents CUBYRINTH – Cubes and Mazes EVOLVED!

Dust.Bit.Games presents CUBYRINTH – Cubes and Mazes EVOLVED!

JUDENBURG, Austria – December 7, 2011 – Dust.Bit.Games releases their new puzzle game, Cubyrinth. The combination of cubes and mazes creates a 3 dimensional, yet easy to access, turn-based puzzle game which requires the player to think about each turn carefully to be able to find the best solution for each level.

Cubyrinth is a puzzle game for players that like to be challenged by a puzzle. We at Dust.Bit.Games tried to create a consumable, 3 dimensional approach to the maze genre. The easy touch screen controls eliminate unnecessary challenges, so the player can focus completely on the puzzle itself.

What is a Cubyrinth?

A Cubyrinth is a cubic maze build out of smaller cubes. The goal of the player is it to guide his prototype (character) to different targets within the Cubyrinth. To do so, the player has to build ways through rotating rows of white cubes. Each accessible cube automatically changes it color to notify the player about possible ways. Once the player connects his prototype with the target, his prototype sets off.

The game makes use of a rating system with three categories for each solved Cubyrinth. Those ratings give the player instant feedback about how good their solution was, and where they can improve themselves.

It has 28 unique Cubyrinths, with more than 70 goals, split into 3 difficulty groups. Each Cubyrinth varies in it’s size (3 / 4 / 5), color and structure, but all of them will give the player an extraordinary challenge.

Enemies and the customizable prototype

To spice things up, some Cubyrinths are protected by Turrets and/or Triones. Turrets are heavy armored stationary security systems, which will destroy the prototype on line of sight. But even more dangerous are the mobile security units, called Triones. Those fast bots will hunt the prototype as soon as they are able to find a way.

The game features a customizable prototype. The base of the prototype is a simple engine. Through solving Cubyrinths, the player is able to unlock upgrades from different sets which will allow him to customize the prototype on three different upgrade slots.

Release Information

The game is available for $2.99 (or equivalent amount in other currencies) as an universal app, with HD graphics and Game Center leaderboards & achievements, for the iPhone 3GS / 4 / 4S, the iPad / iPad 2 as well as 3rd / 4th generation iPod Touch devices (other platforms coming soon).

If you’re interested in reviewing the game, please contact us to receive a promotion code and don’t hesitate to ask questions or request additional material.



Dust.Bit.Games was founded (2010) with the motive to provide a way for remarkable new developers to use their creative potential within organized commercial projects. Dust.Bit.Games isn’t a traditional developer with employees working on several projects. Instead, the company created a flexible project-based workflow which allows different kinds of developers to work on projects with a profit participation based on their contributed work.





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