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In the 22nd century resources are scarce and of great value. To control the remains, the united government has build a global system to remotely control, restructure and defend areas for their own needs. Over the years, some anonymous groups have found multiple ways to exploit the system. Since then, independent groups are trying to gain territory and fight against the government and each other. But some of those use the system to prevent the inevitable…

Itʼs the year 2163. You got your hands on a control unit. Will you fight?

Project Mission
Our Goals

Y2163 is part of a design-series of RTS games (Y-series), which focuses on fictional settings in the distant future, and the first concept which we decided to bring to life. It is our goal to create a highly customizable PvP (player vs. player) game, designed for mobile devices (and maybe more).


  • Strategic and action-oriented player vs. player battlefields (2-4+ players)
  • Build and expand your own city
  • Unlock and configure many different technologies to smite your enemies
  • Automated matchmaking and hosted games
  • Free to play



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