my . Expertice

I'm keeping up with development techniques and methodologies across different branches. This allows me to provide modern solutions and gives me the ability to better understand the goals of my clients.

my . Self

Hello again. I felt like adding a few infos about myself and how i got here. It all started back in 2010... an independent mobile game developer. In the early phase of my self-employment i've managed to successfully develop and self-publish two titles.

During the development of those games i've been approached multiple times by future clients asking for my expertice on their projects. It didn't take long till...

...i started to transition into the position of a freelancer and consultant, covering a wide range of projects.

I'm always looking for new and exciting projects involving innovative concepts and cutting edge technologies.

Ok. Uhm. I am 29 years old, 182cm tall and live with my charming girlfriend and our cat in the 3rd district of Vienna, Austria. When i'm not working i... a passionate Dota 2 player, a hobby indoor gardener and an ambitious sous chef.


i'm Cate. what's your name?

nice to meet you, ! how can we help you?

cool. what should i tell Christoph?

one more thing. we'd need an e-mail address to get back to you.

got it. he'll get back to you asap. have a nice day!